The goal of PhillyEcoCity is to provide a virtual meeting place for people to find each other from across the Philadelphia region. It is a tool for the city dweller or the suburbanite who are working on installing a green roof to find each other, for green entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs to find each other, for people who oppose Marcellius Shale Drilling to find each other.

This is a tool to build critical mass.
Critical mass is what made Silicon Valley possible. Critical mass is what will make Philadelphia the greenest city in the country.
To that effect, on PhillyEcoCity you will find:
  1. Information on sustainability initiatives emerging around the region.
  2. A web magazine/blog on hot Environmental/Sustainability related local or global issues
  3. A Calendar of Sustainability related events around the Region
  4. A database of Green Organizations for profit and not for profit located in the region.
  5. A database of Green Jobs available in the region
  6. A database of volunteering green projects
  7. We will soon organize local events around the region where you will have a chance to interact with some of the movers and shakers in the local Sustainability movement.

My hope is that PhillyEcoCity will help gel a community of people energized to act locally to address Global Warming.
Becoming a member of PhillyEcoCity (registration is free) and gives you the ability to Post Articles, Create Events in the calendar and Create Groups in the Forum. This is your space, use it.

Jacques Sapriel